Kale Italia at Coverings 2019 | Kale Italia
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Kale Italia at Coverings 2019

Kale Italia at Coverings 2019

Kale Italia takes part in Coverings 2019 from 9 to 12April 2019 in Orlando (Florida) at BOOTH 848 with the brands EdilcuoghiEdilgres and Campani.


At this edition of Coverings 2019, Kale Italia presents significant changes in the approach to the collections and their design, a new perspective that involves extensive work studying surfaces and collections and the birth of a new brand, enriched by the features that distinguished its two historic Made in Italy brands, Edilcuoghi and Edilgres. The new brand, EdilcuoghiEdilgres, introduces an innovative point of view on design and planning which integrates different technologies, multiplying the collections. The change takes the form of a single general catalogue for the EdilcuoghiEdilgres brand, the presentation of renewed KaleItalia.com websites, and the online publication of the new edilcuoghiedilgres.com website, together with the coordination of digital communication. This innovative project led to the creation of multipurpose collections, combining the core values of the brands, for a range that is now twice as versatile.

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