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Furnish a holiday home in five steps

Arredare una casa vacanze con EdilcuoghiEdilgres

Furnish a holiday home in five steps

When choosing the style of a holiday home, it is easy to be swayed by current trends; often forgetting that furnishings in these places are unlikely to be constantly changing. When floors and wall tiles are first chosen, the focus must be on lasting, easy-to-clean materials, but without forgetting taste and design. The EdilcuoghiEdilgres collections are designed in an attractive style that enhances different trends, without ever compromising on good taste and cutting-edge technical features.

A holiday home, especially if not just for us, but if it is going to be let, must have a transversal style and include just a few furnishing items that tell us something about the owner’s personality and make living spaces welcoming.


Here are five suggestions for furnishing your home impeccably.

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