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New Managing Director for Kale Italia

New Managing Director for Kale Italia

With the arrival of Spanish Managing Director Miguel Garcia Marti in May 2018, Kale Italia now has a new corporate structure and management.

What has changed in the company? From a commercial point of view, the company is increasingly focusing on its relations with the USA and the Far East, while reaffirming its presence and interest in the European market.
New products have also been added to the range: the designer floor and wall tile collections of the three “Made in Italy” brands Edilgres, Edilcuoghi and Campani have been designed to increasingly cater for an integrated, unique concept of space.
The products allow the creation of harmonious furnishing solutions, thanks to a comprehensive and versatile range of high-quality ceramic surfaces, which clearly and effectively meets the aesthetic and design requirements of state-of-the-art contemporary architecture.

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